Welcome to welltogether by TheLifeCo

Let's Be welltogether!

About Us

It is time to embrace the holistic wellness understanding and bring it to your home. welltogether is a journey for you and your beloved ones together with TheLifeCo knowhow.

Meet like-minded people within our community, get inspired and learn from each other, gain & maintain healthy habits, and spread the holistic wellbeing approach together with us. You will also be able to get the guidance of holistic health professionals and hear about natural healing solutions of wounded healers.

wellbeing of each person relates to the wellbeing of groups and communities, therefore wellbeing of the world and nature.

As TheLifeCo's wellness community platform; welltogether aims to be the lifetime trusted partner of people on their wellbeing journey with its holistic health approach & experience over 17 years. 

Why Should You Join?

  • To be an early adopter to build our community together 
  • To share your healing journey with others who needs inspiration and help 

  • To get inspired by and interact with holistic healing experts and people who shared their own healing journey 

  • To learn how to heal and prevent many diseases in an integrative way without getting exposed to the conventional medicine (Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Hormonal imbalances, Digestive problems, Eating disorders, Sleep disorders, and more...)

Our Wellness Professionals

Ersin Pamuksüzer
Founder of TheLifeCo 

Gonca Yarımer
Wellness Director of TheLifeCo Wellbeing centers

Ayşe Meltem Budak
Counselling Psychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor in Psychology

Dr. Bedrettin Ulusoy
Holistic Wellness Doctor

Farnaz Zandı
Wellness Coach

Elif Şandan Doygun
Breathing Therapist & Yoga Instructor of The LifeCo Akra

Fazıl Alaşahin
Raw Vegan Executive Chef